How To ddclient for Windows
ddclient is an open source dynamic dns update client, based on Perl.
This client becomes a beautiful Windows installer by this project github ddclient-nsis .
  • Download and install the latest version from
  • Follow the installation procedure until
    ddclient windows config
    Client hostname: Your MyOnlinePortal domain
    Dynamic DNS server:
    Dynamic DNS username: Your MyOnlinePortal username
    Dynamic DNS password: Your MyOnlinePortal password
  • On the next page, just confirm the Windows user account
    ddclient windows user account
  • And the start menu entry
    ddclient windows start menu
    ... and finish installation
  • From the start menu you can now start the ddclient service
    ddclient windows start service
  • Alternative - you can start ddclient in console mode for debugging issues and open the config in notepad to edit some settings.
    A good config example is given here:

    # ddclient.conf
    login="MyOnlinePortal Username"
    password="MyOnlinePortal Password"
    #verbose=yes # for debugging
    #debug=yes # for debugging
    #cache=no # sometime necessary
    # Your complete MyOnlinePortal Domain

  • In the DynamicDNS tab of the myonlineportal homepage you see also when the last update happend