How To Fritz!Box
The Fritz!Box is a very popular router which is mostly delivered by the internet provider. This router can be configured with our dyndns service.
More information about the router are available here -> wikipedia
  • Open the web interface of your Fritz!Box
  • Open "Internet" -> "Permit Access" -> "DynDNS"
  • As DynDNS Provider choose "User-defined"
  • As "Update URL" ""
  • As "Domain name" your complete MyOnlinePortal domain
  • As "User name" your MyOnlinePortal username
  • As "Password" your MyOnlinePortal password
IPv6 and IPv4 Update parallel
  • As "Update URL" "<Domain name>&ip=<ipaddr>&ip6=<ip6addr>"
    The Fritz!Box is replacing <ipaddr> and <ip6addr> with the corresponding addresses for your internet connection.
    As <Domain name> your complete MyOnlinePortal domain
Fritz!Box Userinterface
When problems occur
  • Add parameters to the "Update URL"
    • hostname=<Your Domain name>
    • username=<Your username>
    • password=<Your password>
    • Complete it can look like follows
    •<Domain name>&username=<Your username>&password=<Your password>